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Ibn Abdillaah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

A Muslim should be sad and cry within him or herself if he or she falls into one sin or the other. He should think about those who have tried to abstain from those sins not because they don't have the ability or capacity to do the same, but because they fear the punishments of Allaah and they want His Rahmah. Allaah would not be unjust to anyone. A Muslim does not delay his repentance by one second because the next second may be the end of his life.

You move from one night club to another and you think you deserve the same al-jannah with those who spend their nights in tahajjud. You listen to music and think you are equal with the listeners of the Qur'an? You watch non permissible things and you think you are the same with those who guard their eyes against them. You say unlawful things and you think you are equal with those who guard their tongues. You commit adultery, fornication and think you deserve the rewards of the chaste men and women? Habba!

We can't compare the blind with those who can see, the living and the dead, lightness with darkness, the pious predecessors and the present generation of Muslims, and above all the people of paradise and the people of hell. 

May Allah rectify our affairs.

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