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Muhammad Balogun

Some of our brothers condemn our brothers who engage in comparative religious discourse. That most of these people ain't scholars should not be lost on anyone; notwithstanding, that shouldn't make us overlook their good and praiseworthy efforts.

I got a gift of Ahmed Deedat's Combat Kit in JSS2, may Allaah have mercy on him and overlook his mistakes. I'm not good with words, so whatever I write will definitely underestimate its values. But trust me, it was a gamechanger. A sweet gamechanger. 

I think our evangelical teachers and fellow students were more militant those days than today, so you can put that into consideration. Not a few Muslim kids fell to their machinations,  thus we can only thank Allaah for His Favours.

If anyone puts himself in a position of knowledge when he is not from its people, we are duty bound to remind him of his true status. This fact is universal, and not limited to these brothers of ours.

Like we would advise ourselves and others, they should continue seeking knowledge of the pristine Islam and keep getting better. They, and we, should not run before walking.

We are all work in progress. 

The Muslim community as a whole has a responsibility to make up for any perceived inadequacies. And "the believers are like a building, one part strengthens the other."

There's a great wisdom in that hadeeth of fasting, "...and there is a gate in Paradise called Rayan"

"Certainly, your efforts and deeds are diverse" Q92:4 

May Allah reward them with good, forgive their errors, purify their deeds and grant them success in both worlds.

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