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Sanni K. Yusuf

"Ko ko ko," knocks on my door on a day, and at a time I was enjoying cool rest at home. It was a neighbour. According to him, he visited to say hi and to have a brief talk with me. So I accorded the gesture its due honour. But guess what? 

He came to preach the gospel of Christianity to me, knowing so glaringly that I was an administrator of a mosque. Imagine the effrontery! 

My apathy towards his damning mission turned the dialogue into a debate. His presentation was full of vigour and doggedness to win a soul for Christ. I guess the Holy Spirit spoke to him over the night to get the imam. He really tried. But his best was bad. 

He did blackmail Islam and blasphemed the Prophet as they had been acquiescently indoctrinated. But Lo and behold, I eventually got him tracked and knocked to speechlessness - courtesy of the various things I had learned from ACADIP videos. 

I probed: “Where is the word bible in the Bible? Who named it the name? Show me the verse and I will make your mission a reality”. “I will ask my pastor”, he dodged it, tactically. “Where is the name of your religion mentioned in your scripture"? “I will make the findings and get back to you", he looked confused. I am sure he would never try that with me again, because to date, I haven’t got any feedback from him. Thank you, Mallam Yusuf Adepoju - for the inspiration. 

When Sheikh Sulaiman Amubieya graced one of ACADIP's da'wah exploits to admonish tens of reverts at a two-day open-air lecture in Ibadan, I was glad and got reassured that the academy and its members were being nurtured on Kitaab wa Sunnah. Given the personality of such a blunt sunni scholar, no organisation on the path of bid’ah (innovation) would ever consider him worthy of lecturing its people. That would be suicide! 

I think the handlers of ACADIP deserve nothing but our encouragements as muslims - to keep them thriving on the good job they are doing. It is not like Mr Jamiu Adegunwa’s faction of the Izharul Haqq which has heretically derailed from the path bequeathed to it by its founder – Ustadh Abdul-Lateef Adebowale. I have benefited from over forty videos of ACADIP's lectures. And to the best of my knowledge, the organisation is blazing the trail of comparative religion.

Mallam Yusuf Adepoju has indeed uncovered numberless, incalculable and innumerable contradictions, variations and lies used to lure muslims into Christianity, and hundreds of persons, including pastors, have embraced the truth – Islam. As christians are becoming muslims, muslims are becoming empowered to know how to defend their religion. I will never forget the case of former sister Esther who embraced the truth having debated hard with Mallam. Right now, she is on jilbaab. May Allah make her and her likes steadfast on the path of righteousness.  

My very little relationship with some members of the ACADIP who may not want their identities featured in this piece (and who used to be christians) has equally signalled a sigh of relief that the academy truly had its foundation on Kitaab wa Sunnah. Apparently, I can’t say more than what I know; perhaps there are other ones who are not on the same manhaj with those I do know, you may avail us their identities so as to challenge the organisation.

I have seen and heard how Mallam Yusuf Adepoju is usually introduced on stage by his disciples – a muslim ‘scholar’ of the christian Bible! I have never heard where he was eulogised as an Islamic scholar – not even by a slip of the tongue. And I am sure he would not refer to himself as such. Therefore, criticising him or his organisation should not be on the premise that he is or he is not an Islamic scholar as I have heard some people say.

No human is perfect. Everyone has a shaking head. One way to encouragingly assist the academy is by constructively criticising it wherever it goes wrong. The handlers and movers of the academy should therefore be receptive of criticism. They should do away with emotiveness where the organisation is criticised. Criticism makes the strong stronger. It makes one see one’s shortcomings. It makes one develop - intellectually. It makes one challenged to do better. It makes one cautious of what to do and what not to do. 

ACADIP members should endeavour, as a matter of obligation, to learn and relearn the Islamic ideals – Tawheed, Fiqh, Sunnah, Aadaab, Akhlaaq etc. They should realise that these come first before comparative studies. The school of comparative studies of the ACADIP which recently graduated students should have inculcated in it books on the aforementioned ideals, and viable, resourceful persons be employed to handle them.

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