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Aboo Banaat

The same hot water that softens potato also hardens the egg, many attimes we are the architect of our own misfortunes. Due to the fact that we spend much time on social media, we begin to admire people whom we have neither seen, met or even conversed with, since almost everyone appears like an angel behind the keyboard. A time will come when you will begin to look down on your spouse or begin to compare her with that online sister who's posts pulls crowd and moves mountains, and perhaps your wife is the type that doesn't even like social media or she is the quiet and reserved type who doesn't like being the topic of the market square or she is the type who is cold and homey. 

You then begin to wish you had married that online sister who is sociable, popular, always available, funny and superfluous. What do you know? It may be that the online sister copies from google, it may be that the online sister does not even practice half of what she preaches, it may be that the intention of the online sister is not pure, it may be that the online sister has a terminal disease she is battling with and she wants to do much good deeds before she dies, it may be that she is deaf and dumb and she can only communicate by making posts.....

Mr Admirer, how much have you invested on your own wife at home that you are already comparing her with a total stranger online? To whom much is given much is expected, you don't teach your wife the Quran, rather you employed a teacher for her because you can't give her what you don't have, you don't teach her hadith or fiqh, rather you engaged her in a sister's class, and yet you expect her to become an Aaleemah overnight? The only Ibaa'dah you do with your wife is copulation and you expect her to become a scholar? Check your investments on her before you criticize her shortcomings. 

Even if you are able to marry that online sister, very soon you will see another online sister that is 100 times better than the one you just married, because there are different stars in the sky and they shine brighter than each other, how long will you continue to look for ready-mades? All that glitters is not gold, go and groom the one you have at home, it is not every imported food that tastes good, even Amala is richer than some intercontinental dishes..

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