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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Imaam ul Barbahaaree رحمه الله strongly warn us against acts of bid'ah (and those who call to it), no matter how small they seem to appear because all acts of bid'ah started as something small, they later grow big and look like the truth (Sunnah). The one who practise it would be decieved by it and might not be able to come out of it till eternity. The small bid'ah will grow big and a lot of people would mistake it for what is right (Sunnah) due to their ignorance. It may even take them away from the straight path and could even lead them out of Islaam completely if care is not taken. There are many examples that can be cited.

On this strong notice of caution by Imaam ul Barbahaaree رحمه الله in his Sharh us Sunnah, Sheikh Fawzaan حفظه الله said acts of bid'ah are allowed to spread become a great fitnah to the society because the evil people (dangerous preachers with bad 'aqeedah and manhaj) are left unrefuted till things become worse. He said there is need to be proactive in blocking the channels that leads to various kind of bid'ah in our society as they appear. We should not waste time, no matter the status and rank of anyone or group of people that is involved. Speaking out against bid'ah is a must in any given society. The intention is to protect the deen and the weak people from corruption. The Sheikh encourage us to go and learn the deen first before anything, so that those who call to the gate of hell fire in the name of Islaam would not mislead us into several kinds of bid'ah. He said:

ولا يعصم من البدع بعد الله -جل وعلى - إلا العلم النافع, أما الذي ليس عنده علم فهذا ينجرف مع البدع ويظنها طيبة لأنه لا يدري عن البدع

Nothing safeguards against innovation, apart from Allaah, the Majestic and the Most High, except beneficial knowledge. As for one who lacks knowledge, he will be erroded by innovation, thinking it (innovation) is something good because he doesn't know what innovation is all about [Sharh us Sunnah, page 39-40]

If we are not going to deceive ourselves, this matter affects us greatly in our contemporary society. A lot of people love Allaah, they want to practise Islaam, but unfortunately, they are ignorant of the Sunnah, which is the major tool in practising Islaam. They fail to seek knowledge from appropriate quarters. So, they end up in the hands of some shayaateen (pl. shaytaan) who parade themselves as scholars. By this, they become victims of tsunami of bid'ah in our society. It is only by the mercy of Allaah that these kind of people can repent sincerely and turn a new leaf. We have some of these people in our family, some are our friends, colleagues and associates. 

May Allaah guide us all aright.

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