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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

A scholar of Sunnah will exert so much energy in clarifying a bid'ah, but it will not take a devilish innovator more than few seconds to twist the truth and confuse his ignorant followers. He can even twist some Qur'anic verses to support his lies. His ignorant followers will not know his gimmicks. The innovator will misguide his followers hiding on the fact that the bid'ah is well known to people. Where as, the Sunnah is not about popularity, it is based on traditions and narrations from the salaf. 

In the first place, an ignorant person wouldn't know evidence, he only follows personality and what is common among the people. If an ignorant person seeks guidance by seeking knowledge from appropriate sources with sincerity and du'a, he could be guided by Allaah's leave. But if he gives his allegiance to an innovator, a misguided preacher, his hope of guidance is slim and uncertain. This is a matter that brings tears to the eyes of those who have been trying tirelessly to rescue their family members from the evils of innovators and misguided preachers. Sitting with innovators is dangerous and destructive. 

No wonder, the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said in a hadith that one of the things he feared most for his ummah is the "scholars of misguidance". They will be attacking the Sunnah day and night while still claiming to be Muslims and leaders of the Muslims. May Allaah save us and our households from their evils. 

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