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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

The ruling on governing by other than what Allaah provides in the Qur'an and Sunnah is well known. Many of us know it. It is kufr (disbelief). The democratic system with which we are presently governed is full of lies and deceit. Therefore, we need to be very careful on how we deal with it. It is not proper for us to react in a way that would look as if we are validating it or that we are comfortable with it despite our knowledge of its numerous evils. May Allaah grant us safety. 

What people like us are interested in is who emerges. We are forced to be interested in this aspect because it affects our affairs (spiritual and mundane). We do not agree with the leadership recruitment process laid down by democracy because it not Islamic for many reasons that even the ignorant people are aware of. 

However, we have no choice than to accept its outcome. Its outcome is binding on us because we are citizens. Allaah knows we have no power to change things yet, and it is not an option for us to change evils by participating in it. But atleast, we can caution ourselves on how we react to those evils. We shouldn't forget that democracy is still what it is (kufr). If we don't have power to change the situation on ground, at least, we should be bashful by not promoting it by our words or any implication. We should have shame. It is lack of bashfulness that would make a Muslim to be campaigning for candidates in a democratic process. It is shamelessness that would make a Muslim to be mocking another Muslim for losing a democratic position to a fellow Muslim. Ignorance and shamelessness are widespread. We are really following many lizard holes of the Kuffar. May Allaah forgive us.

As we do not have power to correct many of the evils being promoted by democracy and its protagonists, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be remorseful. It doesn't mean we should rejoice over those evils. Our reactions shouldn't look like we are approving the poor and dangerous system. It is just like the case of a person who is permitted to eat pork or drink alcohol if there is no other food or water respectively, for him to survive. Should he be happy while eating that pork or drinking that alcohol? No! He shouldn't. And should he eat the pork or drink the alcohol excessively to the point of forgetting the original root of his action? He is only eating the pork and drinking the alcohol by a rule of necessity and exception. The root of his action remains haram. He can only take what would make him to survive his state of hardship. I only use this as an illustration. The case of democracy is even more dangerous than this.

So, we should feel sad that we have no other choice than to submit to leaders who emerge through this poor and fraudulent process. We don't need to be jubilant over who wins or feel sad over who loses. Some people are even mocking the losers. Those who lost in my opinion are even better. Atleast, they would be free from many sins they can't escape if they had won, due to the nature of the system. Our prayers and change of our dubious attitudes as citizens should be paramount at this time. We should continue to seek forgiveness over our trespasses and transgressions of the limits set by Allaah. 

May Allaah forgive our sins.

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