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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

I first met Ustadh Amubieya in 1993 when he represented Oyo State at the National Musaabaqah in Katsina. The contingents to the annual event from Kwara, Lagos, Ondo, Osun, Ogun states used to stay together year in year out. As young as he was, he used to speak with knowledge and so much confidence. I could recall vividly that some of our teachers used to say "wahala re po" (his wahala is too much)😄. I have come to realise that sometimes, when people say this phrase, they are indirectly saying he is blessed and intelligent.

So, I am not surprised by the way he is today. The effort did not just start. It started decades ago. He actually represented Oyo State in Qur'an and Tafseer at Kwara 2000 if I am not mistaking. His qiraa'ah is very clean. He participated in several dawrah programmes before traveling to Saudi Arabia to further his education. I can't forget their trainer for several years, Sheikh Abbas Zakariyyah who used to recite like Sheikh AbdulBaasit Abdulssamad رحمه الله. May Allaah preserve him upon goodness.

I used to hear Ustaadh Amubieya's name here and there, not knowing he was well known to me. One day, my Ustadh in the field of Qur'an, Sheikh Sa'eed Katibi حفظه الله described him very well to me, and his picture became clear. I later saw his many videos that confimed he is the one I had known many years ago. He is still very young agile. At his age, he has contributed and still contributing immensely to the revival of Sunnah in Yorubaland and some other places. He is well known for his pure ibadan ascent with which he delivers his beautiful and beneficial lectures. 

One day, Sanusi Lafiagi and I visited his masjid with the hope of meeting him after a very long time, but he wasn't around. He might not even remember my face again. He is so beloved to us. We love him for Allaah's sake. May Allaah continue to preserve him upon goodness.

The mother that gave birth to such a man is a role model to many of our sisters, and she deserves our prayers. May Allaah forgive her shortcomings and accept her into His Mercies.


  1. Aamin...I pray Almighty Allah forgive all her sins and grant her all jannatul firdaus including my mother and other Muslim and muslimah

  2. Aamin...I pray may Almighty Allah forgive all her shortcomings and grant her al jannatul firdaos, including my mother and other muslimah. And may Almighty Allah continue to blessed our beloved sheikh for us

  3. Allahumma aameen


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