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Abu Haneefah Inenemo

Strolling down the road with a brother after a nice meal at one of the restaurants, I saw a not so well dressed up girl battling dragging one of her feet on the ground as she counted her steps meticulously...  Obviously,  I knew something was wrong. 

I gave a careful observation and discovered her footwear was spoilt as she was returning from the church and I  could guess she was heading towards the hostel which was far away. 

I stopped by her and asked what's wrong, looking up to see two thuggery looking Muslim boys...  She managed to say "It's my Pam slippers,  which has cut".

I asked " How about pulling off the Pam slippers and wear one of our's, we can manage barefooted but you may not".

With a "WoW" look and a look of bewilderment as though a voice from heaven has spoken to her...  She smiled in surprise. 

Unfortunately,  before I could think of pulling my own to give to her...  My friend had surpassed me in doing the good...  He offered her his own immediately,  gave her his number, told her to call him to come pick his pam when she is done... Then we walked away, he walked barefooted. 

Then I said to him: "This is Da'wah with action".

That girl even if she doesn't become a Muslimah as a result,  she will most likely be in defense of Muslims whenever and wherever she is opportuned. 

Ikhwaah!  Let's work the talking!

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