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Isma'aeel Olanrewaju Abu Umaamah 
Abool A'bbas Abdullahi Salahudeen

His name  is Abu A'bdillah Muhammad bn Ismail Ibn Mugheerah bn Bardizbah Al-Ju'fiy Al-Bukhaariyy. He was given birth to in the 13 of Shawwal 194.years after the Hijrah of Rasuul صلي الله عليه و سلم. His Father Ismai'l bn Ibraaheem was a Famous Muhaddith who was fortunate to be in the Company of the likes of Imaam Maalik, Ahmad bn Zai and A'bdullahi bn Mubaarak. But he died when Imaam Bukhaare was very small leaving him in the care of his Mother. He had lost the use of his eyes in his early stages of his Childhood. 

However, due to the Pious and Lengthy Prayers of his Mother, Allah returned his eyesight (as for the one Jaahil who said he was blind, I know he is Jaahil Murakkab who is not ready to Learn and wants to claim Shaykhship).. Imaam bukhaari Memorized the Complied books of Imaam Wak'ee(the great teacher of Imaam Maalik, Imaam Shaafi') and Abdullahi bn Mubaarak. He perform Hajj with his brother, Ahmaad bn Ismail and Mother. After the Completion of Hajj, He remained in Makkah for further two years, and upon reaching the age of 18 headed for Madeenah, and he wrote the Book, Qodoya As-sahaabah wat-Tabi'in and d book of Ama' Rijaal called Taarikh Kabir..
He travelled far and near in search of Knowledge, visisting different places, visiting the main centres of Knowledge, Basra,Kuufa, Baghdaad, Damascus,Sham, Egypt nd Syria. 


He has many teachers among who he benefited greatly from are Alliy bn Madiinyy, Ishaq bn Ruhawayy, Ahmad bn Anna and others. Also he benefitted immensely from Imaam Ahmaad ibn Hanbal. Scholars said Imâm Bukhârî was a man with a very strong memory. When we look at his memory. His person is among the scholars described as being سيلان العقل(A flowing brain power)  , it is as if his body from head to toe is stored in his brain. Seeing his memory, the memory of Abû Hurayrah radiyallâhu `anhu is rekindled in the hearts of Muslims. Hashid ibn Ismâ`îl states that in his childhood: "Imâm Bukhârî used to go with us to the Scholars of Basra to listen to Ahâdîth. All of us used to write Ahâdîth down, except Imâm Bukhârî. After sixteen days, we thought about it and we condemned Imâm Bukhârî saying that, 'you had wasted so many days work by not writing down Ahâdîth.' Imâm Bukhârî asked us to bring our notes to him. So we all brought our notes, upon which Imâm Bukhârî began to read Ahâdîth one by one from the top of his head until he narrated to us more than fifteen thousand! Hearing these, it seemed that Imâm Bukhârî was reteaching us all of the Ahâdîth we had noted."


 In Writing of his Saheeh, and reason behindd it Compliation, Imaam Bukhaare Stated : There was once a time during one of our Sessions when My Teacher (Ishaaq bn Rahway)while he  remarked that it would be appreciated if someone could collect Ahaadeeth which held strong reliable Testimonials and  then script it out in form of a book that will benefit the muslims. This Statement of His Teacher Inspired him.This is at a time when a lot of shubuaat (controversies and contradictions) are being reigned on the status of Ahaadith. Colossal mixed up in the classification of hadith is the order of the day.  Then he started the writing of Al-Jaamul-Saheeh, whose Complete name is "AL-JAMI-UL SAHEEHUL MUSNAD MIN AHAADEETH RASUULILLAH"الجامع الصحيح من احاديث رسول الله. He spent 16 Years in writing the book. Some scholars said he started it in his Hometown in Bukhaara, some said it is in Makkah, some said it's Basra, some said Madeenah, but the Imaam said he wrote it in Masjidul-Haraam.. Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar Said that Imaam Bukhaari had made it Mandatory to only narrate Ahaadeeth of String testimonial which can be Proven by name of the book.. Before he actually place a hadeeth in the book, he would perform ghusl and observe two Rakah, Pray for Allah's guidance and acceptance for this work he did sincerely at the services of the Muslims and their unborn progeny.  لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله. No wonder Allah accepted his prayer by making the book the most authentic script after the Quran. This is jointly agreed upon stance of the scholars of this ummah which can never be fault by anyone except who shaytan has touched his brain. 


This blessed book that contained the heavenly revealed SUNNAH of our prophet is widely accepted by all and Sundry in the world of Islam due to its efficacy and it's prestigious effect in gathering the authentic narrations of the prophet. A very impressive indication of the fact that Allah accepted this work is that the scholars of this ummah did a great service to this blessed book. Just on the explanation of the book alone the scholars wrote 100s of book highlighting the hadiths therein.Some of these books are:

اعلام الحديث لابي سليمان الخطابي:This is the first book ever written to serve the Saheeh of Bukhaaryy. It is full of benefits in his grand styles. 

فتح الباري لان رجب: This is different from the renowned known fathul baaryy  by ibn Hajar. This is written by ibn Rajab. The author did not finish the book before death caught up with him. He wrote the explanation up to كتاب جناءز. 

فتح الباري لابن حجر العسقلاني
This is the mothers of mothers of all the book written to explain Saheeh Bukhaaryy. The author sat for 13 good years preparing the book. After he concluded the book the king called for a feast giving people food for the celebration of the book.   Our shaykh Imamunaa Alalbaanyy said in one of his tape: For those calling to the path that this book should be burnt because of the mixes in  Asha'irrah aqeedah of the author that, ask them how will they understand Saheeh Bukhaaryy without passing through Fathul baaryy.

The scholars do say in his praises that :
ابن حجر امامنا في السنة و في الصناعة الحديثية
Ibn Hajar is our imam in SUNNAH and the profession of classifying hadeeth.  

عمدة القاري  لبدر الدين العيني :
This is also written by a contemporary of ibn Hajar. It is also a good resource also for students of knowledge. 

ارشاد الساري لامام قسطلاني : 

This is also a good book especially in the areas of الفاظ الحديث  wordings of hadeeth. It is a must have for students in the field of hadiths sciences. 

For who want to benefit immensely in Saheeh Bukhaaryy these five books should be enough. I need you oh students  of the latest thug of the ummah to please tell you confused Habeeb that not even the work of his father shaykh Adam will stand the great works of the Mountain called Imam Bukhaaryy. Enough for him to cover up his head in shame rather than destroying the effort of his father which he laboured for for donkey years. 

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