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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

One of the common ways of seeking clarifications from scholars in recent time is phone call or text messages. With these two modes, one gets quick answers to many problematic questions. The Shuyuukh became used to them because it makes their job of clarifying the deen very much easier to the extent that those who are not able to travel to where they are can connect with them easily. 

Many students of knowledge from different parts of the world established contacts with the likes of Sheikh Al-alabaani (رحمه الله), Sheikh Bin Baaz (رحمه الله), Sheikh Ibn 'Uthaymeen (رحمه الله). In the present time, students of knowledge communicate with the likes of Sheikh Fawzaan (حفظه الله), Sheikh Rabee' (حفظه الله) and so on phone. One of my teachers told me how he recently spoke and chat directly on Whatsapp with Sheikh Saleem Al- Hilaaliy (حفظه الله), one of the close students of Sheikh Al-albaani(رحمه الله) and he clarified the divisions of bid'ah based on the established view of Sheikh Al-albaani and many other scholars of the past. 

This mode of communication has been very helpful to our zeal to learn the deen. The scholars of Sunnah would pick your calls anyone they find themselves because they are armed with evidences to back their assertions. But when you call the people of bid'ah for them to clarify whatever they say in their lectures, they start insulting and cursing the caller as if that person had done something wrong by calling them. Such is the case of people of desire. They lack evidence to back their comments, that's why they try to avoid questions by all means. 

I have listened to some ridiculous audios of people of bid'ah cursing anyone who call them to seek clarifications. This is one of the proofs that shows that the scholars of Sunnah are the ones upon the truth. Anyone who thinks he is a scholar should be able to defend his comments with daleel from Quran, Sunnah and the ways of the salaf if he is indeed truthful.

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