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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

It is only those who experience delay in having children that can say what they go through. Allaah has fixed time for everything. The delay sometimes could be a form of blessing. Allaah sees what we don't see. Allaah may decide to allow couples to do extraordinary honeymoon and later turn to them with His gifts. Some people have been visiting hospitals, they will say "the wife has no problem, the husband has no problem". Yet, they haven't seen anything. Different people with different qadar (pre-ordainment).

I know a couple who agreed not to have any issue for the first two years of their marriage. Perhaps, the husband is reading this post now. He knows himself. They wanted to enjoy themselves very well before bearing any child and they did. It was an adventure filled with fun according to him. And when they wanted them (children), Allaah started giving them. He is still giving them to date. What if He decided otherwise,  what would they have done. Allaah does what He wishes.

I sincerely pray for those looking for the fruit of the womb. May Allah grant them the best very soon.


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