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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloor

The best thing is for any Muslim who wishes to study law to go for Common and Islamic Law in a school that is vibrant in it. However, Muslims who studied common law only shouldn't be seen as devils. But they should be well enlightened on the shari'ah for them to balance their knowledge. A Diploma in the field of Shar'iah or special tutelage under a sound scholar of shar'iah may be enough for this. 

In addition, all Muslim lawyers should strongly believe, and it must reflect in their actions that the shar'iah is supreme and it supercedes any other legal system fashioned out by mankind, including the common law. They should not compromise their religion for any reason. They must imbibe the spirit of justice, fairness and equity in their dealings with the people and the authority. They must not stop learning. They should use their knowledge and expertise to expose the weaknesses of the man made laws, propose shar'iah alternatives and work towards their implemention. Muslim lawyers should assist the less privileged and the vulnerable who lack adequate resources to protect their rights, especially the Muslims, just like our brother and learned senior, Ahmad Adetola-Kazeem is doing in Lagos State. 

May Allāh guide us aright.

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