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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Yesterday, when I was returning from Zuhr, I kept thinking about everything about this life in the light of Hon. Justice Abdurraheem Ahmad Sayi 's explanation of Suratul 'Asr on Thursday during his debut tafseer at Isale-Onisesin Mosque, I concluded in my mind that, we are truly in a state of loss. Indeed, the Chapter is a summary of the Qur'an. All of us without  exception are into it. Only Allāh can save us. 

Despite what we went through when Corona was still very tough, no meaningful lesson was learnt. BBNaija still took place amid the pandemic and Muslims watched it with their families and voted massively. Shirk and bid'ah are very cheap. Betting everywhere. Alcohol, smoking, indecent dressing, zina everywhere you go. Usury and cheating by false pretense everywhere. 

Lectures are many, but application is very low. We receive many lectures on WhatsApp, only few people download them. Many who download them hardly listen to them. Many who listen to them hardly practise them. I keep thinking how our situation will be in the nearest future if we continue this way.

May Allāh count us among the true believers, the righteous, the truthful and the patients.

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