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Umm Abdirrahman Kifaayah Bukky

Assalaamu 'alaykum my beloved teen and tweeny sisters, 

Please listen carefully.

I know your hormones are racing. I know you crave acceptance. I know you're dieing to hear "you're so beautiful angel". I know you are feeling empty and you want someone to call your own.

I know that each time you see that brother you lose your remote control. Each time you hear him recite the Qur'an/deliver a lecture, your heart melts completely. Each time you read his post, you feel you should just hold him right then. 

Hey sisters, calm down! I have been there and I know how it feels. Flocking the brothers' inbox is not the solution to your hormones. Waylaying them after halqah to ask which part of the face you wash first during ablution will not take care of your quaking hearts. 

You need to know exactly what you want and go for it. There is no fitnah left for men than money and women, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam said. Seeing you and talking to you can make his head stop being correct, Yes! He will loose control for a while, shaytaan will sit with him to strategize how to taste what he smelt. Take note of taste, not have. When a man and a woman are left alone shaytaan is their third (Hadith). 

Shaytaan deceived our great-grandfather. He's been around for too long, not to be able to catch any prey.

If you don't follow the guidelines laid by Islām, you are making yourself a soft target. He is a Hāfiz doesn't mean he is a saint. He speaks Arabic, delivers lecture, and he is a respected Facebook scholar doesn't mean he is not shaytaan's general manager.

Calm down! Girls are soft in nature, and a lot of the XX ones can see through your emotions. He knows when you're mad about him and he knows exactly how to leverage on that to get you to do *ANYTHING* he wants. Or how do we explain a sister in hijaab who started from chatting, sending pictures, then going off hijab to video call and then s*xcalling eventually. When Allāh said "Don't go near zinaa" He knows exactly how He created you, and He knows one thing will *ALWAYS* lead to another. 

Sometimes, you are the one taking the first step and other times it is the brother. Either way, back up dakun iya oko mi. There's no friendship between a dog and a tiger. 

If you think you're ready for marriage, talk to your waliy. Don't let anybody "pade e ni corner". It is belittling. Value yourself. Whoever has marriage intentions, let him go through the right channel, your waliy. All these send your nude pictures "for relationship advancement and marriage intentions" baba iro ni! Use your head beloved sisters, your hearts don't think! 

Many of you are culprits in these stories we hear, if you don't give your permission, anyone can hardly disrespect/molest you . I have heard stories of sisters whom were blackmailed into physical s*x because the *brother* had their nude, and was threatening to post it on Facebook? 

The so called Facebook scholar, the wife is crying day and night for the number of nude pictures in his inbox. One is even s*x chatting right beside his wife. Even if he later marries you, the same fate awaits you. Imagine the ustaadh teaching you Qur'an asking you to come and sleep in his house, for what now?! There are many sisters who are shaykhaat, in your vicinity, approach them. 

Put an end to this fitnah please. I can't say everything jare. 

Saan laarin, aje ni nmunii pekoro (Yoruba proverb). Do the right thing my sisters

May Allāh guide you aright and protect you from all evils.

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