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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-IIoori

The truth is that we don't have any replacement for women in the roles they are to play in the building of a society. They are exceptional creations of Allāh. 

It is however worrisome when a man on the other hand fails to perform his own duties and the woman has no other choice than to lift them on her head coupled with the ones she is already carrying. This is how a lot of women are overburdened in our society today. In some homes, the woman by some implications is the man and the woman at the same time. She will be the one to carry pregnancy for 9 months, deliver it in a live and death circumstance, suckle the children for two years, clean faeces, cook, clean the house, take children lessons and would still be the one to be thinking of what the family would eat, the rent, what the kids would wear, how the school fees of the children would be paid and so on. 

Men whose homes are like this should fear Allāh and do the right thing. Don't wreck your women with burdens. 

May Allāh make it easy.

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