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 ©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Many of those being brought to Ile Kewu have gone far in evils of smoking, drinking, gambling and so on. Some parents don't even want their children to go to madrasah in the first place. They only use madrasah as a place of last resort. It is when a child is misbehaving or not doing well in school that some parents take him to madrasah. The spoilt children taken to Ile Kewu often end up infecting other innocent students with their viruses. 

It must be noted that a madrasah is not a rehabilitation centre. It is a place for building a better tomorrow from the scratch according to the shar'iah. Even though scholars have great role to play in rehabilitating derailing youths in the society, the primary role of a madrasah must not be jeopardised. There is a need to separate the teaching of Islām from the scratch from the rehabilitative role of scholars in the society. We must avoid packing grains with sand together in the same sac. This can be very dangerous and counter productive.

May Allāh guide us aright.

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  1. Exactly the point I want our alfas to grab. Ile kewu is not a rehabilitation or reform home. It is a place of learning. We were all students of madrasah at a point in our lives and we got caned but definitely not like the latest ilekewu saga type. Everything should be in moderation. If parents have failed to train their children properly, they should not push their job on others to do it for them. Thank you for this post sir.


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