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©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

My Mum heard the case of students caned recently and she had to call me last night to remind me of how I was caned one day in my Madrasah (Ile Alagbede). It was really funny. We laughed over it. She reminded me how my Grandmother (Iyami Onikoko), may Allāh have mercy on her, cried that day. Even after the beating, they went to beg Alfa and he prayed for me. This was the practice then. But it wasn't easy.

The students of today don't have a picture of what we went through in Ile Kewu "wala" (Allo) then. The punishments and beatings then were something else. No parent will want to take that these days. On that faithful afternoon, I was tied on my legs and beaten continuously. I cried. But AlhamduliLlah today. The aim was achieved. That Alfa is one of those I pray for always. 

What did I do that day? They used to fix movies at times of Madrasah and Alfa used to warn us not to skip Madrasah due to those useless movies that many don't see as evils these days. I think it was the era of "Olowo Aiye" or something. When it was time for the movies, the Ile Kewu will be scanty. Even the one sent to go and call people would also wait to watch small before going back. It was a dark era filled with bid'ah kufr movies. I hid under the bed. I was caught, taken to Madrasah and got beaten seriously. The name Alfa gave to his "bulala" (cane) was "Dr. Woo". Many would remember Dr. Woo film then. It was made of rubber developed from motor tyre. You can imagine how painful it could be. If you receive just one at your back, the brain will reset quickly.😀😂

There was another beating I will never forget in my life. It was on the night Nigeria lost to Denmark (4-1) in 1998. I had skipped some night classes before then. But Alfa Gani (the successor of Alfa Alagbede) focused his attention on that night and all affected students faced the music. Perhaps, he was also angry Nigeria was beaten.😀 Nigeria was beaten and I got caned seriously for getting late to Madrasah. That is what we call double jeopardy in law. It is not easy to instill discipline in children without caning. However, caution must be exercised, it must be done moderately and shouldn't be made a social media thing.

May Allāh guide us aright.

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