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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

The lecture delivered by Sheikh Abdullah Jabata حفظه الله at the Seminar that took place at Ibadan few days ago is an eye opener for those who may be thinking it is zuhd (ascetism) not to strive to look for wealth in a halāl way. 

The Sheikh gave an interesting account of one of the Salaf who wasn't wealthy, but has around him a close relative who doesn't make him lack anything he needs. This is one of the a rare favours that Allāh bestows on whomever He wishes. Sometimes, Allāh doesn't just raise scholars, he supports them with people who would make their efforts for the Deen a easy one. Of course, it is not every scholar that would have a billionaire behind him like some do.

The Salaf used to tell those who used to sit to learn from him not to compare themselves with him because Allāh has blessed him with someone who doesn't get tired of settling his bills. He used to urge his students to seek for means of sustenance within the limits set by the sharī'ah. 

So, when you see scholars and students of knowledge hustling in their own ways to make ends meet, don't say: "these Alfas like money", especially if it doesn't involve begging or fraud. The instruction of Allāh is for us to use all that we have to seek the Hereafter, and not to forget our portions on the surface of the earth.

May Allāh guide us aright.

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