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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

It is high time we begin to take da'wah (especially that which relates to taoheed) to doorsteps of those who apparently lack it in our societies. It is good that we have started with the Prisons and it has been yielding good fruits. May Allah reward UCIF for its efforts in this regard. 

Let us extend our tentacles to villagers, hospital patients, market men and women, assalatu groups and so on. Let us not enjoy the taste of sunnah alone. The knowledge and  understanding of the Sunnah is part of the ni'mah of Allāh. He would question us on how we have used it. Are we just using it to compete against one another to know who is most knowledgeable or we are using it to emancipate people from the shackles of glorified shirk in our society? Even if it is just Kitab Taoheed that we are able pass to other people, it will make an impact in them forever. Some people have never seen this book before, talk more of benefitting from it. 

Even the Jalabi people, let us take da'wah of taoheed to them individually and in groups. Let us not look at the way they are attacking us, many of them are ignorantly sincere. There are many people in these settings who do not understand what it takes to be a true Muslim.  Their knowledge of taoheed is almost zero. They do or say things that can take someone out of Islaam with pride. They think Islaam is just about saying the kalmaatush shahaadah without acting upon it. They do not know the conditions of the statement. This is a very important priority for us. 

May Allāh guide us aright.

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