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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Many people are blessed with different skills that will aid their Deen and economic well-being, but they lack enthusiasm and focus. Intellectual Property (IP) is not just about writing. There are many other beneficial areas of copyright and other IP branches like patent, trademarks, industrial designs etc. The most important thing is to focus on whatever one knows and avoid distractions. You are the only one to bring out that hidden talent in you. 

I think one major problem with most people who are gifted with writing and are yet to publish a book is the ability to drop their daily routines and focus on this mission once and for all. It is hard to combine many things while writing a book. Otherwise, you will end up picking and dropping. To write a book, you have to be focused and determined. You will leave some very important things you are accustomed with for some time. When you are done with the book, you can pick them up again. 

When I was writing Halāl Sex and Intimacy, I had to forgot about my footwear business for a while. Many would ask if I was still in the business, I will tell them to give me little time. I am still doing the business as I write. In fact, we are taking 'Eid orders now. But I had to suspend production when I was writing the book. 

I also had drop 50 COMMON BID'AH (RELIGIOUS INNOVATIONS) IN OUR CONTEMPORARY and later picked it up for completion.

May Allāh make it easy for us to achieve our dreams and may He purify our intentions and accept our efforts as acts of ibādah.


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