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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Yesterday's event at Ibadan in the company of two of my brothers (AbdulBasit Balogun and Abdulsalam Aladodo) was a memorable one. May Allāh bless the effort of our sister Laj Fingers on the great achievement. That was the first time I witnessed anyone presenting 6 books at a time. With the publication of 6 series of the Beauty, Brain and Character (BBC), she sets a record that could take another woman centuries to break. She deserves to be honoured by the State Government at least. Our own problem is that we don't get publicity on things like this. The attention of governments at all levels should be drawn to this achievement. If we don't promote our own intellectuals, no one will promote them for us.

On our way home, Mal. Shehu Abdus-Salam Aladodo said if Allāh wants to bless a woman with a gift, He gives her in abundance. This sister is abundantly blessed with the pen. Lajfinger is a huge asset for this Ummah. May Allāh preserve her and make her better than we think of her. 

The presence of our father, Dr. Fuad-deen Olabisi Kekere-ekun and Mal. Saheed Oladele was remarkable. Our support for one another should go beyond social media. The sisters stood by our sister. They filled their own space and took a part of men's space. Brothers, please let's always rise to occasions of this nature. Even if it is just to show up and leave, it is fine. It is not just about money. If you support your brother or sister in anyway, you are indirectly supporting yourself. Honouring invitation is one of the rights we owe each other as Muslims.

When I was allowed to speak, I said the launching of the book should not be limited to Ibadan, it should be taken to other notable parts of the country as well as the global stage. Its content is meant to correct immoralities in our society early enough before they grow into monsters. The book is not just for Ahlus Sunnah or Muslims, non Muslims would also benefit immensely from it. All public and private schools must be carried along in this project. I have gotten my own copies, please go and get yours. You will never regret you did.

I met Lajfingers's husband yesterday, and I noticed he is a pillar of support for her. He stood behind her. He was directing all the affairs. This is how I expect every husband to support the dreams of their wives who are blessed with initiatives without needing to contradict the limits set by the sharī'ah. The fact that someone is a hijabi or niqabi doesn't stop her from helping the society in her own ways. Let us empower our wives in the best way we can.

It was nice meeting Bro. Summation and his wife for the first time. Mal. Abdussalām Bn Hanbal and Ustadh Saboor Aboo Israaeel Kewdirorunwiyy were also with us. We enjoyed the thought provoking lecture and hospitality of Abu Sumayyah, a noble companion of Sheikh Suleiman Hamza (Abu Ahmad). May Allāh reward them all. I thank Mal. Ismaeel Akintayo Owolabi for his consistent hospitality anytime we visit Ibadan. He would dedicate his car to ease our movements from one place to another. He gave us dried snails. May Allāh reward him abundantly.

©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori


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