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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Scholars will err automatically because they are human. But they are to be refuted politely with wisdom. They shouldn't be insulted or ridiculed in the name of correction. It is very sad to note that many students have created so much hatred, not just between themselves, but the scholars of Sunnah. They carry tales from one scholar to another to divide them. They gossip about, backbite and slander scholars. This is an act of people of jahiliyyah (ignorance).

Scholars should please try to identify fitnah mongers among their students and avoid them. They should not be carried away by their cheers. They should not pat the backs of those that they see attacking their fellow scholars. They should chastise any of their students found with this evil openly, otherwise, people would think they are the ones who sent them. There are ways a student will speak that an observant teacher will know what he or she is up to. Some students would ask questions to cause fitnah.

We are in an era where people divide themselves into groups defending their favourites among scholars and attacking those they see as their adversaries. Their principle is, "if you are not with us, then you are against us". They find faults in scholars they don't like and squeeze them for any little error. They protect their favorites even when they err and eat those they hate like cream cracker on any mistake. 

We are not unaware that some people even create groups where they coordinate attacks on scholars and those they see as their opponents. They only add those they feel are with them in their agenda. Wallahi, this is not the way of Sunnah. It is a form of hizbiyyah that stinks. Everyone should retrace his steps now before it is too late. Let us all fear Allāh and know we would account to Him One Day. Allāh will ask us where we met this da'wah and our impact on it, whether positive or negative.

If you are added to a group and you notice the modus operandi of the group is to be defaming scholars and students of knowledge they hold to be their adversaries, advise them and exit quietly. That kind of group will not bring any benefit to you. It will only bring loads of sins upon you. May Allāh protect and guide our steps.

It is not the way of the Sunnah to be causing divisions among scholars of Sunnah. We are all meant to love the people of knowledge and respect them. Even if they err, their errors are to be refuted with manners. Their errors are not to be treated the way the errors of the people of bid'ah are treated. Even the people of bid'ah are to be refuted in ways that would aid their guidance, let alone scholars who have made their marks and have achieved a lot for this Ummah. 

Let us not be like Shi'as who declare support for some of the companions and hate some of them رضي الله عنهم. They extol the virtues of some of them and curse some of them despite the prophetic warnings against insulting his companions رضي الله عنهم. Many of those claiming to be upon the Sunnah these days have this trait and it is dangerous. 

The real people of Sunnah respect all the companions of the Prophet رضي الله عنهم even though they were not perfect; they love them altogether because they are the best generations of this Ummah, and there is nothing we can do to match them. We should seek to unite our scholars upon the truth using the best approach. We should also learn how  how to manage their differences. We should not be among those who create divisions between them in ways that could affect the da'wah of Sunnah adversely.

May Allāh guide us all aright.

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