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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

While I was in Abuja to meet Ustadh Wael Ibrahim, being his guest, I was allowed to be with him at the back stage where dignitaries and invited speakers from different parts of the world were honoured and taken care of. After Salatu Zhuhr, I noticed a very calm man with white Jalabia. I was interacting with Ustadh Wael when the man joined us and Ustadh Wael immediately introduced us to each other. The man he introduced to me was the current Minister of Power, Engr. Abubakar D. Aliyu (Jarman Pataskum) - may Allāh ease his affairs.

Ustadh Wael said some few things about me, part which was the fact that I wrote a novel book that would interest him. He said it was through that book that I became known to him. I don't know how to describe the Minister's humility and simplicity. He immediately gave me his complimentary card to contact him. He said he would buy some copies and distribute them to people around him. In sha Allāh, he is to buy both Halāl Sex and Intimacy and 50 Common Bid'ah (Religious Innovations) in our Contemporary World. I graciously signed a copy of the Halāl Intimacy book and presented it to him. He was very happy with it.

One other thing I noticed in him was the fact that he wooed all his aides, including the non-Muslims among them to the event. I find this to be very interesting. If he is not good towards them, they wouldn't have honoured his invitation despite the fact that it was a Saturday when they supposed to be resting. They attended the conference in their numbers from that morning till the evening.

What I have learnt from this scene is to be calm and humble wherever we find ourselves. You can have power, money or influence and still be humble towards all manner of people. It doesn't diminish your status, it rather elevates it. There is no position that you are holding today that some people have not held in the past. This world is nothing. Death is the end of all of us and we shall account for our deeds subsequently.

May Allāh grant us piety, humility and sincerity upon goodness.

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