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Hanafi Abdulkadir

The book titled "Polygyny with Mercy" is an encyclopedia of Islamic teachings on marriage with more emphasis on polygyny (i.e marriage of one man with multiple wives). Having gone through the book, I discovered that the author admirably worked on the subject matter without sparing any effort. For me, the most interesting submission by the author is his explanation that women are the major beneficiary of the polygyny system of marriage.

Doubtlessly, the book is rich and unique in its empirical and statistical approach to every point discussed on polygyny. The author, besides his wealth of experience as a marriage counselor, also conducted an expansive study wherein husbands and wives in polygyny share their thoughts, actions, and reactions as relates to the practice of the system. These series of disclosures by partners in polygyny further strengthen the book with more practical lessons devoid of fiction. The book provides detailed guides for men who want to marry additional wives and also prepares women on how to react when their husband marries more wives.

More importantly, the Western hypocrisy vis-a-vis polygyny (especially as it relates to Islam) was largely exposed. In addition, the double standard approach employed by the Eurocentric, as well as Muslim and non-Muslim feminists was revealed and refuted. All arguments against the institution of polygyny were combatted with both scientific and scriptural facts, leaving no gap for underhand pundits at all times.

Lastly, I recommend that every man who wants to marry more than a wife should read the book. Every man who has more than one wife must read the book. Every woman including singles, married, and co-wives must read the book. This will go a long way in curbing the ills and challenges facing Muslim homes regarding marriage and polygyny.

May Allah accept the work as a service to the Ummah! (Aameen)

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