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©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

The kind of hardship that we face in the hands of our commercial banks on simple transactions are so serious. The Covid-19 safety protocols then took the matter to a worse level in the sense that if you are in a hurry, our banks are no go areas. 

In the face of the hardships Nigerians are facing on the redesigned Naira and cashless policy, our banks are just doing what they like with impunity. Many of them are not complying with the Central Bank's directives. Many ATMs are not dispensing cash. If all the ATMs of commercial banks are dispensing cash like that of Jaiz and Fidelity, our situation would have been better. But they are not and no one is holding anyone accountable. Bank notes that are meant to be dispensed only by ATMs are found at parties. 

We are often quick to call out our leaders over their inadequacies, but the acts of injustice our private institutions perpetrate against us are enormous. That is how we use every opportunity we have to cheat one another and think we can go scot-free.

The pain of paying 10% of total withdrawal cost to POS agent is so  deep, especially when you don't have any other choice. Those selling goods through their account are also insisting on collecting the 10%. This is so bad. Let us all fear Allāh. Now, if you give someone ₦2000 as charity and he needs to pay ₦200 to receive it, what will remain for him?

Sometimes, one is forced to even ask: what we are enjoying as citizens? Even if you are rich, you are insecured to spend the way you deem fit. Even those who can't afford three square meal are being kidnapped and tortured mercilessly. Revolting against the leaders in the senseless manners we see these days does not yield fruits. It will only worsen our situations. 

The only solution or consolation that a believer seems to have in this situation is not to make this world a priority. Our relationship with Allāh is the most important. We are just here for a short while. No matter how much the enjoyments of this life is, the hereafter is better and reliable. Anyone who makes this life is own priority is completely finished.

May Allāh grant us patience. May Allāh guide our leaders aright. May Allāh ease our affairs.

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