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©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

The Nigerian Copyright Commission will soon be launching an initiative tagged WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN IN IP (WE WIN IP).

The objective of the initiative it to train female students and young women, especially lawyers, accountants, academics, copyright managers and IP enthusiasts to promote the dissemination and use of IP knowledge amongst women as a tool to grow innovation and creativity.

Under the We Win IP programme, the Commission invites female students and young professionals to register for the distance learning (DL) courses in the field of IP organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization. The basic DL courses are free and registration is open till 20th March 2023.

The Commission will be offering Internet data support to student applicants and the Nigerian Copyright Academy, with the help of volunteer mentors, will also be providing tutorials, technical assistance and special mentoring to applicants.

To register for the DL courses (we recommend DL 101), click: https://welc.wipo.int/acc/index.jsf...

For more information on the DL courses, the Commission’s special support and the We Win IP initiative, contact:

Nigerian Copyright Academy (NCA)

Email: nca@copyright.gov.ng

Tel: 09019001400, 09019001401

Whatsapp: +234 805 595 8357

We Win IP. . . . . Together we win!


This is a great initiative. We are in an era where everyone needs to be smart economically. Many people are working from the comfort of their homes and making cool cash depending on how creative they are. It is just about starting from somewhere.

Some women are "full house wives". They are using their IP skills to make ends meet without even stepping out of their homes. They are doing this in a way that their domestic duties will not be negatively affected. Even the working class need these skills to supplement their salaries. It is not proper to depend solely on salaries. Let's get our female children on track as early as possible. I am a fan of women empowerment. Wealth creation is not for men alone. Women should be empowered within the confines of the sharī'ah. Anything can happen in the future and we are in a society where the vulnerables are not well protected. The way divorcees and widows suffer in our society is dangerous. Many of them become toys in the hands of some dangerous elements in the society. 

There is a full house wife niqāb (veiling) sister who has her office in her husband's house. Her pen name is Lateefah Adewumi Jumah (Lajfingers) with large followership on Facebook and some other social media platforms. She is doing very well from her publications through Amazon and printing of hardcopies of her works in Nigeria. She recently launched 5 books at a time in Ibadan, Oyo State. I personally attended the event at University of Ibadan to support this creative woman. I can't count the number of beneficial books she has written. She deserves to be celebrated. I believe her publicity is still very low, otherwise, she ought to have been recognised by our agency. That was the highest number of books I will first witness being published at a time. She deserves accolades. 

We also have women who are very good in website designs, graphic designs, creation of video adverts and so on. I personally have two books on Amazon and I know how lucrative this can be. This initiative by the Commission will surely go a long way to help our women and female students in all our education institutions. Many thanks to the DG and other Management Staff for this great thinking. Indeed, the narrative of copyright in Nigeria is really changing.


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