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Tawakaltu Oyebode-Tahir

Counselor/Polygyny Coach.

Author, A Room of Her Own.. Transition from Monogamy to Polygamy.

It is a breath of fresh air reading a balanced view of Polygyny written by a man . It highlights the realities and responsibilities of Polygyny without creating unnecessary fear , trivializing women's emotions as regards polygyny or painting the lifestyle as cream and peaches. 

The book explore the correct Islamic position on the practice of Polygyny by a Muslim man away from the different unappealing models that we witness around. 

The author's experience as a marriage counselor , Islamic Family Law expert and research done on the topic can be felt reading the book.

The narratives of Polygyny in the Islamic community needs to change, and it starts with the major stakeholder, the man who wants to be husband to more than one wife this book is one step towards that direction.

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