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I had the honour of reviewing the manuscript of “Polygyny with Mercy”. The author made a masterpiece with this book by touching on very key aspects of Polygyny. The book x-rayed several religious and ideological perspectives on Polygyny. Interesting Fiqh Issues such as  “Conditions for Polygyny”, “Marrying a Woman with "No Polygyny" Condition”, “Justice in Sharing of Nights between Wives”, “Marrying Two or More Wives at a Time” and many more were discussed in a practical and balanced manner. Contemporary issues such as, “How to Break the News of a New Wife”, “Women and their Aversion to Polygyny”, “Dealing with a Co-wife”, “Islamic Polygyny and Legal Implications of Court Marriage”, “Effect of Modernism on Polygyny”, and many more were beautifully discussed by the author.

The very delicate topic of Polygyny was indeed ‘mercifully’ addressed by the author. I can relate to the practicality of the discuss in the book as a practitioner myself. I recommend the book to men and women in polygynous marriages, as well as those who are on the verge of transitioning into polygyny. The book will also be very helpful to researchers, students of knowledge and to inquisitive minds generally. I am very glad to have read the manuscript and suggested improvements of some aspects of the book.

May Allah bless the effort of my brother Abdullateef Lanre Abdullahi and make this book a source of mercy for many homes plaqued with the trials associated with polygyny.

Ahmad Adetola-Kazeem


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