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The book titled: Polygyny with Mercy (Synopsis on Plural Marriage According to the Sharīah) by our esteemed brother Abdullateef Lanre Abdullahi popularly known as (Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori) is a unique book and a big catch. The author gave detailed explanation on correct perspective of the concept of marriage in Islam, Shari'ah purposes of marriage and essential elements of an Islamic marriage. Sunnah way of conducting walimah (wedding feast) received special attention in the book.

Five highly beneficial hints for men and women preparing for an Islamic marriage were expounded in the book. You want to know those five points? Get a copy of the book. On marriage proposal, the book contains relevant tips on how proposals should be made Islamically. Reasons why proposals are rejected and ways out were brilliantly discussed in the work.

After these preambles, the author started extensive discussions on general nature of polygyny. He unambiguously differentiated between polygyny, polygamy and polyandry. He gave Islamic injunctions on them. History of polygyny in Islam, other religions of the world and why Islamic recommended polygyny remains the best are other interesting part of the work. Wisdom, reasons and rationale behind legislation of polygyny in Islam were convincingly analysed.

The author has excellently explained sincerity of intention, having knowledge about polygyny, having proper counseling of it, financial ability, sexual capability, mental capacity, justice, equity and fairness among wives to mention but few as conditions necessitating polygyny.

Different jurisprudential matters on polygyny were extensively dealt with in the book. The author dedicated a whole chapter for contemporary issues emanating from polygyny. Women's aversion to institution of polygyny received special treatment in the book and Islamic Solutions were proffered. Consequences of men's injustice and lack of mercy are other exciting areas in the book. The author brought an anonymous touching history in the book to teach the readers golden lessons.

Dealing with co-wives, handling conversation with wives, uniting women and children in polygyny, dealing with women's jealousy, why some men in polygyny still commit adultery, effects of modernism on polygyny, plots of modern day wives against polygyny, polygyny beyond sexual enjoyment, practical ways of breaking news of a new wife to previous one, polygyny and divorce, legal implications of court marriage on practice of polygyny among other pertinent contemporary issues were extensively trashed out in the book. The author is indeed a real gem.

The concluding segment of the book heavily focused on plots of the west on polygyny as an Islamic institution. It discusses: Polygyny, secularism, feminism, women liberation among other germane issues. The author has discussed all the aforementioned quoting relevant portions of the Qur'an, Prophetic traditions and works of ebullient Islamic scholars.

You won't want to stop reading the over 200-page exciting and enlightening book until you finish it. May Allah accept it from our beloved brother as an act of worship and make it beneficial for the ummah. Amin. One is confident and comfortable in recommending the book for truth seekers and people who want to have correct understanding of polygyny in Islam.

Ustādh Rasheed Haashim,

Proprietor, Muflihun Schools, Ibadan

Thursday, 9th Sha'ban, 1444.

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