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AbdulQadir Ambali and his wife Umm Abdirrahman Kifaayah Bukky

If as a Muslim woman, it has ever crossed your mind that Polygyny is a form of wickedness or injustice to the womenfolk; and you have tried to find answers but you sincerely did not get any that is satisfactory, the book 'Polygyny with Mercy' is your chance at getting the right perspective. If as a Muslim man, you have never understood why women misbehave in Polygyny, despite their previous record of being God fearing, and you have never gotten a satisfactory answer to, this book will give you clarity on the topic.

'Polygyny with Mercy' is beautifully crafted by the author to address salient issues in both monogamous and polygynous marriage that are allowed in Islam. It reminds us of the essence and process of an Islamic marriage. It took us through the history of Polygyny; it addresses how to practice Polygyny by men and women for the purpose of attaining Al-jannah.

One of the most important aspects addressed by the author in this book is the fiqh issues in polygyny. A lot of Muslim men and women have been doing things the wrong way and that is the reason for some of the results we see from polygynous marriages today. It gives an opportunity for everyone to learn what is right, do what is right so that we can have beautiful polygynous marriages.

The book is a must read for all men and women who are of marriageable age, even if polygyny isn't in the picture yet. It will help us all to prepare for a blissful marital journey. May Allah make the book beneficial to everyone that reads it and may He reward the author for his initiative in addressing this important topic.

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