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Dr. AbdulHameed Badmas Yusuf 

The death of Shaykh Abdullahi Jibril Sahban on Sunday, 13th Jumaada I 1445 AH/ 26th November 2023 brought, once again, the grim nature of Death. Death is the sour dinner which every man must eat. Between the birth and the death of man, the length is not as important as the impacts made while alive. Among many categories of people that live, teachers/scholars tend to have the most impacts no matter the period of their existence. But teachers that live longer achieve additional values that will make their impacts more felt in the society during and after their death. This peculiarity is part of what genuine scholars inherit from the prophets of Allah who are the most impactful human beings. Their impacts immortalize them across ages and shall endure till the end of the world. 

Shaykh Abdullahi Jibril Sahban was a pious scholar who dedicated his life to the training and teaching of the young minds for a brighter future when they will be mature to promote Islam. Right from on set, he committed himself to education. He acquired the rudimentary and advance aspects of Arabic and Islamic Studies from many notable scholars in Ilorin such as Alfa Ita Egba and Alfa Omo-Hiya Sooro. This was after learning the reading of the Qur'ān and some aspects of knowledge of Islam from his father who was a scholar as well. He also attended training workshops at King Saud University, Riyadh around 1984, just as he enrolled for English literacy under the then Federal Government Adult Education Scheme in  1984.

Shaykh Sahban established learning institutions at all stages from the primary to the university level. At each stage, he was fortunate to produce generations of scholars in all walks of life. He was a successful proprietor of Arabic School not only in the Yorubaland, but also in Nigeria as a whole. His name conveniently comes to mind after the mention of two notable successful proprietors of modern Arabic schools in Ilorin, namely Shaykh Kamaldeen al-Adaby and Shaykh Adam Abdullahi al-Ilory of blessed memories. Like them, he also calved a niche for himself by establishing an enduring citadel of learning with a clear vision and undivided focus. Like them, he never sought cheap popularity with his teaching and Da'wah activities. Like them, his utmost priority was to produce generations of scholars who shall spread the knowledge of Islam and promote its course across the globe. Like them, he never romanced politicians for self aggrandizements. Readers need to be reminded that, the basis of comparing the deceased with those two scholars is neither their intellectual credentials nor their actual achievements as scholars. Rather, it is their focus and commitment to the teaching and Da'wah activities which eventually made them legends.

More than 60 years ago, Shaykh Sahban established  Arabic school *Madrasah Muhyideen* at his ancestral home of Idi-Orombo, Popo Giwa Quarters, in Ilorin before it later metamorphosed into a College in Kulende, Zango, Ilorin.  Popularly and simply known as *Muhyideen* , the products of the College enjoy scholarships to study in various Arab countries such as Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. As a matter of fact, Allah has used him as the needed helping hand for many to achieve success in life. Most of them combine the Da'wah activities with the academic and other professions in a perfect way. Most of them graduated with distinctions at the prestigious University of Madinah, International Islamic University Malaysia, Bayero University Kano, University of Ilorin, etc Some of them include Dr. AbdulSobur Gaali Alaaya, Prof. AbdulRazzaq Alaro, Justice AbdulRazzaq Dagbo, Shaykh AbdulRahman Suyuti Shuaib, Shaykh Sa'eed  Abdul'Aziz Imam Gambari, Shaykh AbdulWahab Ajia, Prof. AbdulQadir Elega, Prof. AbdulWahab Eleshin, Dr. Tajudeen Yusuf, etc. Others include Dr. Mashood AbdulRaheem, Dr. Hasanah Hamid, Dr. AbdulSalam Ambali, Dr. Tawfiq AbdulRaheem, Esq, Dr. 'Umar Imam, Dr. AbdulMu'min Abubakar Onisin, Dr. AbdulRazaq Yusuf Laro among many others who are lecturers in various universities in and outside Nigeria.

 It should, however, be added that the generosity of Shaykh Sahban ensured that his scholarship opportunities were not limited to his direct students. Many other  individuals who did not actually study in his College also benefited from his scholarship opportunities to study in some of the aforementioned countries. These include Prof. Hamzah Abdulraheem and Alhaji Ishola AbdulHameed who studied in Libya, Shaykh Zakariya Nafi', Dr. Ibrahim Yusuf Abubakar Eleyinla and Justice AbdulRaheem Ibrahim who studied in Iraq. Shaykh Zakariya Nafi' and Dr. Eleyinla later left Iraq for Saudi Arabia.

The selfless efforts of Shaykh Sahban at training many children from far and wide bore fruits. Just as his products became prominent personalities in different professions, his biological children are also successful in their chosen fields of life endeavors. Virtually, all of them are graduates, while more than three of them are Ph.D holders. They include Dr. Mustafa and Dr. Nurain both of whom studied at the Madinah University and Dr. Aishah who did her degrees at University of Ilorin and International Islamic University Malaysia. Some of his other children are also pursuing their PhD prograns at various universities in and outside Nigeria. This is but a recompense from the Almighty for his sincere and tireless strife in the course of Allah Who has promised not to waste the wage of the believers.

Shaykh Sahban accomplished his mission as an educationist. His vibrant products are living proof as they remain good ambassadors and clear addresses pointing to the visionary and purposeful character of their "producer". Based on the divine will, his death came after he had celebrated the 60th Anniversary of his College i.e. *Muhyideen* last year. 

May Allah grant him His forgiveness and mercy and admit him into Jannatul Firdaus. Ameeen

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