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Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

The book "Yo Mama, I Got Your Son" written by our sister, Mariam Ashraff is a summary of how a woman can pass the tests associated with wife and in-law's relationship. The book is written based on her personal experience as a wife and how she has been able to win the heart of her in-laws, especially her mother in-law. In fact, the book is dedicated to her mother-in-law.

When it comes to marriage, the most popular stories are the bad ones. People hardly narrate their good stories for it not to look as if they are showing off or out of fear of the evil eye. However, it is important to tell the good stories as much as we share the evil ones so that people can learn from both. I commend the effort of our sister on this bold step she has taken not minding what anyone would say. 

In a chapter I have dedicated to relationship with in laws in a book I am compiling on step by step guide on marriage, I mentioned that a couple may not have any problem with each other. They might be best of friends. But if their relationship with their in-laws is not well managed, their marriage will have big problem and that some in-laws related issues can even lead to divorce as we have been seeing in several cases. I have gone through this book. It is filled with enormous lessons our sisters can learn in managing their in-laws. The language used is very simple. I humbly recommend it to every Muslim home. 

Apart from being a good writer, Mariam Ashraff has been able to break the jinx on the need to have upright women to speak publicly dealing with many social issues the Ummah is confronted with. There is no doubt about the fact that we need sisters who would speak with knowledge and wisdom on matters affecting women and children in our society. May Allāh preserve her upon goodness and reward her efforts with paradise.

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