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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail

Bending down to the state of rukoo' and seeing my trousers hanging above my ankles and roughness of its knee area make me feel happy to be among those practising Islaam on the path of the pious predecessors.

 All thanks be to Allaah who guided me and my twin sister to this path, thanks to the muslim brothers and sisters at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) for the untiring propagation of such sunnah which led us to right path to worship Allah.

The journey started when I and my twin sister, Nailah got admission to study in university. My dad, who fully knew the state of sunnah in the University, called upon me and my twin sister to the sitting room.

“Alhamdulillah” he began “We really have to be grateful to Allaah who has made it easy for both of you to secure admission at the same time, at your desired university and you were offered your desired courses ….. Alhamdulillah once again, indeed, it is a rare blessing from Allaah” he paused and looked up to our faces and said “can’t you open your mouth to say Alhamdulillah?”

I and Nailah quickly chorused “Alhamdulillah.”

I have always wonder the reason why dad will have to adjust his eyeglasses whenever he is about to say anything serious, he sighed deeply and continued “But beware! I’m aware that this University you are about to go contains some unfortunate children with short-short trousers there, they do turn child to the enemy of his parent and indoctrinate him not to respect them. To them, every other muslims are kaafir, beware of them and never listen to them, if you come back to this house with any short trouser, ibeji note my words, I’ll disown you.”

His last sentence banged into my ears like a thunder and it made my heart tremble, I raised my head and looked at his face but I couldn’t say anything. When Nailah discovered that I wasn’t saying anything, she moved closer to him and said “Alhaji, you’ve known us to be good children as you nurtured us, may we not see what will make you disown us…..” as she was talking, a knock banged on the door and a deep thick voice from behind it saying “salamalekun, Alhaji, are you at home?”

We all recognized the voice to be of Alhaji Onikunkewu, my dad’s intimate friend and also the father of Faatimah, dad showed me a signal of face gesture for me to open the door for his friend, I quickly did and he entered.

“Alhaji,Alhaji.. Baba onibeji meji” he praised as he entered. Dad also rose up and they exchanged pleasantries.

 Alhaji Onikunkewu looked at me and Nailah and greeted us “Wini wini lojun orogun, eji woro loju iya e, obe kiti be kasa be wole alakisa, o so alakisa donigba aso”

 “You’re welcome sir” we said and bowed our heads.

 Daddy looked at us scornfully and blurted out “Is that how you’ll greet?”

 “No sir! I quickly prostrated and Nailah also knelt

 Daddy and Alhaji Onikunkewu sat down; Dad adjusted his eye glasses again and said:

“You see, this is what I’m saying before the arrival of Alhaji, You haven’t reached FUNAAB, yet, and you are doing like this – ehn, right before my eyes, I repeat it, if anyone of you come home with anything strange and call it Sunnah, surely, I’ll disown that child.”

 “We are sorry sir!” we both chorused.

“Alhaji, do you mean these children are now going to FUNAAB?” Alhaji Onikunkewu retorted.

“Yes, they’ve been admitted there!”

 “How are we going to do with the unfavourable news we hear about bastards in the schools who referred to themselves as Alu sunna?”

 “That’s just what we were discussing before your arrival, they have to be careful, and they shouldn’t come back and be spewing rubbish.”

 “I forgot to tell you, I met with one of them, he’s also a Laa Jamaah; meaning that there’s nothing like jomon in Islaam – I then asked him that if he’s said the truth, why did the prophet said, ‘Ajam’tu rrahmah.”

 “Don’t mind these boys, they don’t have knowledge, all they have is stubbornness and poverty, even the rich among them are very stingy; all they read is Saudi books, I wonder why they’ll be comparing us with people in Saudi, I’m less concerned with them; that’s their problem but my concern is these children; They shouldn’t be corrupted”

As dad was making these speeches, sadness and fretfulness were written all over his face; Alhaji Onkunkewu faced me and Nailah and began:

“You see, these people we are talking about are criminals; let me ask you something,when Allaah created Adam, what did he commanded the angels to do for him?

“Allah commanded them to prostrate to him” I answered

“Fine, when the brothers of prophet yusuf came back to him with their father and mother, what did they do to yusuf?”

He smiled at the answer and continued; “if prostration is unlawful truly as the idiots claim, will Allaah mention those incidents in the Quraan; even, the accused, who refused to prostrate among the angels is now regarded as the most wretched today. Prostration has been the culture of our fore-fathers. So, don’t let anyone without knowledge to mislead you.” Alhaji Onikunkewu concluded and dad instructed us to leave immediately.

Fatimah just said ‘YES’ to my proposal at the previous week and my love in her heart is not matured yet, I still found every possible means to impress her more for the love to increase and was afraid that the love may finally diminish when I go to school. This Sunday was my last opportunity to meet her to inform her about my journey and also to assure her of my love, but since the congregational supplications had started; I’d got no means to inform her to wait for me after the service, all the eyes signals I made failed and I thought of a plan; I thought of blending my message into the melodious supplication chorus.

The supplication was ‘LAA- ILA –A-ILA-LA’ and since it’s the same number of syllable with my message, I began to chant my message instead, ‘FAA-TIMA-JE- A-RI-RAWA’. I was chanting this and was sure that no one detected that I was saying the wrong thing. Upon all these, Fatimah was not hearing me and she was only concentrating on the supplications. Suddenly, A thunderous shout of ‘Allaahu…’ rented the air, but I was not surprised, since it was not the first time a prayer devout will cross to the spiritual realm, but when I look at the direction where the shout came from, alas! It was my beloved Fatimah...

To be continued in sha Allaah..


  1. Ma shaa Allah
    May Allah increase us in knowledge and understanding

  2. Ma shaa Allah
    This is so Amazing
    Barakallahu feek

    May Allah grant our parent understanding because I don't why they keep referring to the olden days and our forefathers

    I wonder if it's our forefathers they are following or the prophet whom Allah has commanded and order us to follow him who is sent as a mercy to mankind


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