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©Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

Even if one doesn't have N1 in his pocket and he is healthy and there is peace, there is hope because he can go out to work and earn a living. War is never an option. War is always preceded by "peaceful" protests, then revolution, then destruction. It is like you need to start the car before moving it. Protest is just like an ignition. Its end product is revolution (rebellion). There are many examples around world. Rebellion is a serious offence under any system. Most of those who are beating the drums of war from one region to another will not wait to witness it. Their private jets that will take them and their families out of the country are on standby. 

I followed the Syrian scenario keenly. Most of those who led the Arab Spring were not in the middle of the revolutions. They simply ran away and they were instigating the poor masses to go out and face armour tanks. Some of them were even deceived that this was a jihad. They were those who you will see speaking to Aljazeera, BBC and CNN from their homes in UK and US as the war kept getting hotter and hotter. Many people lost their lives, they we're displaced, some were drowned in the oceans while attempting to run from war. Many became refugees in their own country. At a point, chemical weapons we're used. SubhanaLlaah! A war situation should only be imagined, it is terrible to experience it.

Unfortunately, their elites were waiting for Bashir Al-Assad to be dethroned, so that they can return home to contest elections and replace him. Their hopes were dashed as the war continued endlessly. In fact, the media later became tired of reporting the war. That was when I knew there could be media fatigue. Up till now, nothing has changed, Al-Assad is still the leader, but a lot of things have been destroyed. It would take many years to rebuild Syria if at insurgency will allow it.

This is not gloating. I couldn't sleep throughout the night. We must tell ourselves the truth. The truth is bitter. May Allāh not try us with what He had tried Syria and Libya with and we must also mind our actions and stop being a tool of violence in the hands of some selfish people.

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