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When I visited our father Dr. Abdulfattah Adeyemi (may Allāh continue to strengthen him) last year at his Abuja office to formally present the Halāl Sex book to him, he advised that I should be doing videos on it on YouTube. I expressed to him the kind of phobia I have for videos and shyness of discussing the content of the book openly. I have only been able to discuss the content of the book in a closed WhatsApp group for interested brothers and sisters and it has been interesting. Now, we are in week 29 or so. Apart from this, I also discuss it cautiously on radio (Gerin FM 95.5) every Friday night.

However, our Director at Dakwacorner, Bro. Fareed contacted me yesterday that a noble Ustadh in Perth, Australia, Ustadh Wael Ibrahim has taken a bold step of discussing the book on YouTube for the benefit of the Ummah. Incidentally, he was one of those Bro. Fareed initially directed me to on the sharī'ah review of the book before I later got in touch with Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips حفظه الله. This made me happy (alhamdulillah). Bro. Fareed linked me with the Ustadh and we had a conversation last night and I granted him my permission. I have also taken my time to read his brief profile online and I am glad he has a background in Medicine. He is a Dentist by qualification. He is an accomplished author, counselor and mentor with several books and beneficial lectures online to his credit. He is an orator by all standard. I am not anywhere close to him in oratory.

During our conversation last night, he said among other things,

"Congratulations on the publication of your great book, Ma sha Allah. Excellent work, and I've been waiting for anything as courageous as this for many years. Insh a Allah, I would love to have you on my channel for an in-depth interview, perhaps after my second episode, which will be released next week Insh a Allah. What are the best times and dates for you? I am in Perth, Australia. So, let's select a few convenient times and dates and choose the one that is most suitable for both of us, In sha Allah. I look forward to hearing from you soon Insh a Allah".

This video is the first episode of his series on Halāl Intimacy from the Islamic Perspective. May Allāh reward him abundantly. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel to follow and watch subsequent episodes through this link:


© Abdullateef Abdullahi (Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori)*

Author, Halāl Intimacy from the Islamic Perspective.

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